Petty Manager Rant

I really have to say I never knew how much work it took to be a “good manager”. (I may not even be one myself.) But, I think anyone who has been in the workforce for years can say they’ve experienced several bad managers. But I understand them now. I really do. Because human beings are terrible to manage. I think all bad managers were good at some point and then either decided they could not expend the type of energy required to deal or couldn’t find the delicate balance between involvement and the ability to check out.

Do you know how exhausting it is to have to either read or hear a 30 minute story on why someone is 30 minutes late? I actually don’t care why you’re late. You just are. You’re alive? You’re here? You’re okay? Right, so either you have learned how to avoid that situation so it doesn’t happen again or you will make the same mistake or one similar some time in the near future. Either way, I don’t care. Just be here, on time, be productive, and leave. Thank you.

And it’s not the one-timers. The people who are usually on time, never call out, always dependable. Those people, yes. What is going on? Because you are always here and reliable. I’m genuinely concerned. But you habitual perps?

I’m considering a relativist approach to persistent tardiness and call outs. Maybe you think it’s okay, so me too. Me too!  

“You know that one relative I never interact with? They are in the hospital. That has nothing to do with payroll…but I may not get to it anyway.I hope you understand.”

“I had a long week and just couldn’t get around to confirming our account balance before direct deposits hit. I will get on it first thing on Monday morning…if I don’t have car trouble.”

“Up for review? Gosh, you know I think I’ve come down with something. Can we discuss your raise at another time?”

Just a thought.

Happy Monday!


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