It’s seldom you know when a good friend’s time is coming near. Unfortunately, a friend and an uncle of mine has passed away. Anthony Kritt, was a man who had sewn and supported my father through a dream of his for many years. And, unfortunately on April 2nd, 2017, could no longer see it in person.

An advisor, a lawyer, an accountant, a friend, and a brother; Tony gave more than time; he become a part of our bloodline. He supported my father and never expected compensation beyond the chance to see a friend succeed. He was there through thick and thin. He actively supported and gave counsel. I’m so grateful for the patience he gave and the time he took to teach me the tools I needed to support the business. He was tough. But like any good teacher, he knew that to challenge meant to push someone to excel.

He had the chutzpah to be a Jew with an Italian name! Beyond brilliance, charisma, and confidence; he embodied love. He was love. Tony, I hope we make you proud. I hope through all the stupid mistakes I made, that you corrected, that we prevail. Most of all, I hope that possibly the most selfless soul I know, is at peace. You deserve peace; and may it extend to your beloved wife Sharon and your incredible children Erica and Jordan.

P.S. I still want to write you e-mails about my successful tax deposits and call you about new changes in tax laws. I always trusted you like an uncle. Your legacy lives on and I hope your children reap what love you’ve sewn.

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