“You guys are like the Japanese playing baseball, and we are the MLB. Do you get that reference?”

This was how a competitor, who sought us out…to buy us out, spoke to my father and I after I told them their offer was beyond insufficient, it was offensive. 

White, American exceptionalism is so jarring. It is predicated on predatory deals which, if you do not read the fine print, you will be swindled exactly like how their British ancestors laid ruin to the world.

We are the ONLY minority owned company of our kind in the tri-state area; offering Amharic, Tigrigna, Oromiffa, and Spanish. You speak English, only. Strike 1. 

This competitor then went on to say our reputation wasn’t worth our asking price. And yet, they were averaging a 2/5 rating on Google. (Us, a 4.9) Complete patient/customer and referral dissatisfaction is what they are known for. This further substantiated to us by their clientele who left them…for us. Strike 2. 

We were approached under the pretense of our known reputation of excellence. After signing an NDA and offering our books, we were told that we wouldn’t survive past December 2020. It is now May, 2021. Strike 3. 

Who needs the MLB if you’re playing like the Yankees? And please stop calling. You’re at the bottom of the 9th, and time’s run out. I get the reference.

Welcome to the Negro Leagues. Arigato gozmasu.